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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Cogdell to Richard Caswell
Cogdell, Richard, 1724-1787
June 22, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 127-128

[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern, 22d June, 1779.

Dr. Sir:

A Pilot Boat, just arrived from the Bar, brought a letter from Mr. Gaskins, the Pilot, advising of the arrival of three Privateers.

-------------------- page 128 --------------------
One of them, a schooner, chased a vessel bound to Edenton through the Swatch, and it is supposed she intends a visit to New Bern, and the Town is now gathering together in order to arm themselves, in case of an attack, to make the best defense in their power. Mr. Blith, the bearer, waits on your Excellency for an answer to his former request as Doctor. The draft will be soon made. He, in case he fails, will lose the advantage of hiring a man; as July is at hand, it may be difficult to get one. I wish the young man may succeed, as his behaviour since he lived among us has been unexceptionable; has endeavoured to keep a school under the patronage of Mr. Nash, and, at last, by his means, he lost the school. No Newspaper this post. My most respectful compliments to Mrs. Caswell and your family,

And am, your obliged Servant,