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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Baker to Richard Caswell
Baker, John
August 01, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 181-182

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Gates County, August 1st, 1779.


When I saw you at the last Assembly at Smithfield, I was

-------------------- page 182 --------------------
desirous of resigning my commission. You did not seem inclined to receive it at that time, but referred me to Col. Mebane, who I applied to when I got to Halifax. He told me he did not think he was empowered to receive it. I still continued to do my duty, and was ordered by Col. Lamb to receive the Recruits raised in the County where I live, and to repair to Kingston. I accordingly recd. the men and marched them to Halifax, where I met with Major Hogg, and delivered him the men, and desired he would accept of my resignation. He told me he did not think I could resign 'til I had settled my account with the public, and advised me to march as far as Kingston. I obtained leave to return home to equip myself, and should have joined them at Kingston, or before, but was prevented by something rising on my thigh, which rendered me incapable of riding. I should be fond of continuing in the service if I was able to discharge my duty as I ought, but a wound I received some time past renders me unfit, as I am not able to walk any distance, and should be very willing to settle my account with the public and resign my commission.

I sincerely believe a few of the State Regiments might be of infinite service here. You may rely that I'll use every means in my power to have them secured. Let me know your pleasure with regard to my Regiment as soon as possible.

I am, dear Sir, with due respect,
Your mo. ob. humbl. Serv't,
Capt. 3rd No. Ca. Regiment.