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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Bonner to Richard Caswell
Bonner, Thomas, ca. 1744-1804
August 03, 1779
Volume 14, Page 184

-------------------- page 184 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Washington, 3rd August, 1779.


I have this morning rec'd information from Col. McNeil, who delivers this, that a combination of some of the people in Hyde, Beaufort and Martin Counties are formed against the authority and good government of this State, and that they have resolved to take the Magazine at Kingston. The persons who have let out this secret live in Pitt, and Mr. Salter, being acquainted of this matter, will have them immediately brought under examination concerning this matter. I must think there is some foundation, as two Companies in this County would not suffer a draft to be made in the field, and out of the number of Men drafted only five appeared in order to march. One of the Deserters, belonging to the State Regiment, from Pitt County, attended one of the Musters and forced a Draft being made, and called upon the Company to follow him, upon which a number of them turned out to him, and I refer your Excellency to Capt. McKree for further particulars.

General Caswell ordered me to send Mr. Robert Williams, being that officer whose lot it was by draft to march the men; has since, I am told, applied to your Excellency for a Captain's Commission; whether he has obtained it or not, he has refused to march the men, by which means I have it not in my power to send such officer, and have appointed Capt. McNeil to march them to Kingston.

Mr. Williams has made a draft in his Company in such a confused manner that he has put it out of my power to call upon one man of them.

I have the honor to subscribe myself
Your Excellency's ob. Serv't,