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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Kedar Ballard to Richard Caswell
Ballard, Kedar
August 03, 1779
Volume 14, Page 185

-------------------- page 185 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Camp, at Capt. Cobbs', August 3rd, 1779.


Agreeable to my orders, I proceeded to this place in order to apprehend the vilians by the names of Aaron, Moses, Edward, Aaron, jun., and William Bass. After getting the best intelligence I could, I went and took three of those villians, viz.: Aaron Bass, Senior, Moses and William. The other two, I believe, has left these parts, and, by the best accounts I can get, they are about sixty miles from this. I have dispatched a Sergeant and six men, who I am in hopes will apprehend them. The said Moses Bass is the vilian that threatened your Excellency's life; I therefore send him and William Bass, who, I believe, is almost as great a vilian as the other, to your Excellency that you may order them sent where you think proper, as it is my opinion that said Moses Bass has been guilty of treason against the State. I think he comes under the civil power. If your Excellency thinks he can be tried by the Military power, the Sergeant can carry them in to Col. Lamb, and, if not, he can carry them where your Excellency will direct. I also send the depositions of Sarah Lamb against the said William Bass. Jonathan Stanley, a Soldier, is witness against the said Moses Bass, who I shall send to your Excellency as soon as he returns from after the other vilians, and if your Excellency should think proper to send the vilians to Col. Lamb the said Stanley can return after them.

I am your Exccllency's mo. ob. humbl. Serv't,
Capt. 3rd N. C. Reg't.

Additional Notes for Electronic Version: Kedar Ballard was the Captain of the Third North Carolina Regiment of the Continental Army at this time.