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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Isaac Guion to Richard Caswell
Guion, Isaac, 1740-1803
August 11, 1779
Volume 14, Page 191

-------------------- page 191 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

New Bern, 11th August, 1779.

Dear Sir:

The President being from home, and the Bearer being anxious to return with an answer to your favor of the 9th covering the enclosed, I have taken upon me to send your Excellency my sense to the requisition of the Commissioners.

The Assembly have left power with the Governor to furnish a sufficient Guard, and from the representation of Col. Henderson, I agree with him that it may be necessary for a further aid of Men, consequently of money, in which case I think no danger can arise from granting discretionary powers to the Commander of the Guard to raise an additional Company of 50 men in case of emergency. I am of opinion that Warrants may safely be granted for £20,000, as no doubt will arise from the goodness of the securitys that will be taken or more moneys expended than absolutely necessary. But, on the contrary, the want of men or of Money may be attended with many difficulties, so as to prevent this useful business of extending the Boundary line between this State and Virginia being effected.

I have desired the Bearer to call on Mr. Cogdell for any papers for you that may be there, by which you will be informed of Gen'l Wayne's completely surprising and carrying the fort & Garrison of Stoney Point on North River. I don't recollect since the War any affair to have been prosecuted with the same success.

I have the honor of subscribing, Dear Sir,
Your Excellency's Mo. ob. Serv't,