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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Stephen Cobb to Richard Caswell
Cobb, Stephen
August 15, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 196-197

[From Executive Letter Book.]

15th August, 1779.

Dear Sir:

I understand, by Mr. Edward Moore, that James Brown, of Nash County, who was at the party that met at Little River Bridge, in Johnston County, is now very sorry for what was done, and is willing and appears desirous of making any concessions and

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give any security for his future behaviour that may be thought necessary, and promises very faithfully that he will hereafter exert himself in every respect for the good Government and service of this State. If your Excellency thinks proper to admit the above Brown to security, I think Capt. Williamson, of said County, a proper person to take the security, or, if you think proper to appoint any place and time for the said Brown to appear, he professes he will appear & give any satisfaction in his power, as he is determined to resign himself wholly to your clemency; if it's your pleasure to admit him to bail, I am induced to believe it will answer a good purpose, as I think it probably will be a means to bring over several disaffected people in that Quarter to a sense of their duty.

If the Bass's is not gone from Kingston, I beg you'l give the Officer that carry's them away a charge to be very careful or they will get away.

I am, Dear Sir, Your sincere friend and servant,
Gov. Caswell.