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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Remonstrance from William Skinner concerning currency
Skinner, William, 1729-1798
January 28, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 255-256

[From MS. Records in Office of Secretary of State.]

The Remonstrance of William Skinner Humbly sheweth:

That by an Act of the General Assembly held in Hillsborough in August last, the Treasurers or either of them are to attend the Commissioners appointed to sign the Bills Directed to be Emitted by that Law. They are also Enjoined by the same Law to attend the District Courts, in order to receive and Exchange the old Money, and the Dollar Bills Emitted at Hillsborough and Halifax.

It is more than probable that it will not be in my power to attend the Courts of Hillsborough, Halifax and Edenton, as also the General Assembly and the Commissioners for Emitting the residue of the Money, as they may be at one and the same time. Another Circumstance (with Submission to your Honours) I think Operates strongly against the mode of Exchanging agreeable to the act of the Assembly: That is the great expence and risque of Conveying Large Cart Loads of Money Through the Country to the most Distant parts to wait on such as wish to Exchange. Nor will it be possible the good purposes intended by the act of Assembly in attending the Courts can be answered, as much Larger Sums would be offered During the Term of Ten Days Than any one man could Exchange in one month: Another Very Material Circumstance I would wish to observe to your Honours Is the Difficulty of Distinguishing the good Bills from the Bad, and whose Judgment is to be final, and that the Exchanging the Dollar Bills is a Task so arduous that no one individual Can Exchange the same in a Much Longer Time than the Law allows.

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I have, agreeable to the Law, attended the Commissioners, and I have rec'd the money of them. I have duly attended and Exchanged the old Money for every person that has offered any in Exchange; and as the time of Exchanging the old Bills is near Expiring, Could wish the General Assembly would appoint some of their Members to Receive and give Receipts for the Same. The Other Matters referred to I make no Doubt the wisdom of the Legislature will take under Consideration, and adopt some new Mode of Exchanging the Bills.

I am, with the greatest Esteem,
Gentlemen, Your Most Obed. Serv't,

Halifax, January 28th, 1779.