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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolutions by the North Carolina General Assembly concerning the appointment of militia officers
North Carolina. General Assembly
February 12, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 263-265

State of North Carolina, In the House of Commons, 12th February, 1779.

Resolved, That John Whittaker be appointed Colonel, & Robert Peebles, Major of the two Hundred Light Horse, directed to be raised in the District of Halifax, and that the Brigade General of the District be directed to apportion the number two hundred to the several counties, and issue immediate Orders for enlisting Volunteers or making Drafts, agreeable to the Militia Law, to the necessary amount from each County; and that he also ascertain how many Captains or other inferior officers each County shall furnish for the command of the said Light Horse, allowing one Captain, one Lieutenant and one Cornet for every thirty-three

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privates; and the Field Officers in their respective Counties shall thereupon appoint the officers accordingly.

Resolved, That Absolom Tatum be appointed Major of the one Hundred Light Horse, to be raised in the District of Hillsborough, that Thomas Satterwhite be appointed Captain, Solomon Walker Lieut., and John Taylor Cornet (out of Granville).

Jeremiah Williams, Captain,
David Mitchell, Lieut.,
John Rhodes, Cornet.
Mark Patterson, Captain,
Nathan King, Lieut.,
Joseph Barberry, Cornet.
Salisbury district.
Benjamin Cleveland, Colonel.
William Sheppard, Lieutenant Colonel.
Joseph Hardin, Major.
John Cruth, Captain (Anson).
David Wilson, Captain. Mecklenburg.
Thomas Harris, Captain. Mecklenburg.
John Collier, Captain. Guilford.
John Gilespie, Captain. Guilford.
Moses Cruth, Captain, Wilkes.
John Horn, Captain; William Hardin, Captain, Surry.
John Caruth, Captain, Tryon.
Francis Cunningham, Captain, Burke.

Resolved, that the Brigadier General in the district of Wilmington take such steps for the appointment of the officers necessary for the command of the Light Horse to be raised therein as to him shall appear proper & necessary.

Resolved, that Certificates of the appointment of the Colonels and Lieutenant Colonels & Majors of the Light Horse now voted for the service of this State be signed by the Speakers of both Houses, which Certificates shall operate as Commissions & shall invest the said officers with all the Rank & Power which they could or might have, under Commissions from His Excellency, the Governor, and that the Brigadier Generals in their respective Districts grant Certificates of the appointment of the Inferior officers, which Certificates shall have the same operation as those signed by the two Speakers in manner aforesaid.

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Resolved, that the Brigadier Generals for the Districts of Hillsborough, Salisbury & Wilmington apportion the Light Horse directed to be raised in the said Districts respectively to the several Counties in their Districts in the same manner as before Directed for the District of Halifax.

Resolved, that a Colonel of the Light Horse shall be entitled to seven Dollars & half per Day, a Lieutenant Colonel & Major six Dollars per day & Forage & Shoes for their Horses, together with the same Rations which are allowed by Law to Militia Officers of the same Denominations.


By order, John Hunt, C. H. C.

In Senate, 12th February, 1779. Concurred with.

Allen Jones, S. S.

By Order Sitgreaves, Clk. Senate.