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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Rutledge to Richard Caswell
Rutledge, John, 1739-1800
March 18, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 284-285


March 18th, 1779.

Dr. Sir:

I think it absolutely necessary that as great a force as can be spared from North Carolina sho'd proceed towards Camden as quickly as possible, & I request that you will not lose a Moment in pushing forward this Aid with the utmost Expedition, & pray let the men be armed, if possible.

I shall proceed to Darrysburg in a few days with Expectation of meeting draughts from Several Regiments of Militia whom I

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have ordered to repair thither for the purpose of forming a Camp, so that any express from you will find me there. I request that you will give me the earliest Intelligence of what force I may expect from North Carolina and when I may with any degree of certainty look for them at Camden. I understand that you were to head the North Carolina forces. It may, I think, have the happiest effects. It will give me the greatest pleasure to see you honored. After closing my letter by General Howe I gave him a Memd. of an Anecdote which he will show to you. I think it necessary to give you an Extract of a Letter I rec'd last Night from Gen. Lincoln. It is Inclosed. Let me conjure you, my good Sir, to animate your people to turn out quickly, & believe me,

Yr. obed't humble Serv't,
Governor Caswell.

The following is a copy of the Memorandums (alluded to in the Beginning of my Letter) given to Genl. Howe. Mr. Delegall of Georgia, in a Letter dated 10th Instant (which has been brought in here by a privateer) writes thus to——: “We have heard that Genl. Vaughan is certainly coming agst. Carolina with a Fleet & 10,000 Men.” The British Officers taken in Georgia and brought thither declare in general without Reserve that Vaughan is expected here with 5,000 Men, which, with the force now in Georgia, & the Number will not be far short of what Delegall mentions.