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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of the North Carolina Council of State
North Carolina. Council of State
March 23, 1779 - April 02, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 286-288


State of North Carolina.

At a Council held at Campbelton, 23rd March, Anno Dom., 1779, the Honorables Joseph Leech, Edward Starkey, Robert Bignall, John Simpson, present.

His Excellency laid before the Board Letters from Governor Rutledge and Major Meade, Representing the State and situation of our army to the Southward and the urgent necessity of Continuing the present forces now there, and of a further Reinforcement to oppose & prevent the British forces from making any further progress, they do, therefore,

Resolve, That his Excellency be advised to send immediate orders to the Commander of the Militia of this State now there to permit such of them as may be willing to continue on that service, under their own officers, for any further Term not exceeding three months after the tenth day of April next, and that he order the 1,500 Militia directed to be raised by the last General Assembly immediately to march also to the aid of the Southern States.

Resolved, That his Excellency the Governor be advised to appoint John Geddy, Esqr., to be Captain of a troop of Horse to be Composed of volunteers raised in this State in defence of American Liberty.

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Campbelton, March 24th, 1779.

Mr. Francis Tartanson, Lieutenant, and Mr. John Fonville, Cornet of said Troop.

27th His Excellency laid before the Board Letters from Gov. Rutledge, requesting the powder sent from Edenton by order of Congress for the State of South Carolina, which is now at Newbern, may be immediately forwarded to Charlestown. The Board, taking the same into Consideration, Resolved that his Excellency be advised to direct Colo. Long, Deputy Quarter Master General, to furnish a sufficient number of wagons to carry the same with all possible dispatch, by the nearest route, to Charlestown, and that he order the Col. of Craven Militia to furnish a sufficient Guard for the same.

Charlotte, April 1st, 1779.

His Excellency laid before the Board a petition from many of the principal Inhabitants of the District of Salisbury and a Letter of recommendation from the Honble. Judge Ashe in favor of Archibald MacCallester, lately convicted and condemned at the late Superior Court of Salisbury for taking away the life of James Bradley, Representing the said MacCallester as a person worthy of the mercy and Clemency of his Country; Therefore, Resolved, that it be recommended to His Excellency to grant the said Archibald McCallester a Pardon.

Charlotte, Friday, April 2d, 1779.

The Board, being informed by the Sheriff of Rowan that there are now in the District Gaol of Salisbury four persons, namely: Joseph Lockelser,(?) Elijah Lockelser, Sherwood Chavis and Isaac Malone, alias Rouse, committed to said Gaol by Charles Medlock, Esqr., on Suspicion of Robbery, &c., and not any Evidence appearing against them the last Court, were continued over for trial, and that the said Prisoners are willing and desirous of enlisting in the continental service during the war, do, therefore, Resolve that His Excellency be advised to order the said Prisoners to be discharged on their enlisting, as aforesaid.

Application being made to this Board in favour of William

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Evans, now under sentence of death in Salisbury Gaol, and he being represented as a object of mercy,

Do Resolve that His Excellency be advised to grant a reprieve to the said William Evans.

Joseph Leech, Pres't.
Edw. Starkey.
John Simpson.
R. Bignall.

General Locke having informed the Board that a number of the Light Horse raised in Salisbury District for the defence of this State are willing to enter the service as Militia for three months to go to the assistance of the Southern States with the foot, provided they could receive the same bounty, and it appearing to the Board that there is not an immediate occasion for the service of the said Light Horse in this State, Resolved, that it be recommended to the Governor to direct General Locke to order any number of the said Light horse not exceeding one hundred, exclusive of officers, who are willing to engage to serve in the Southern States three months from the Time they Leave the limits of the State, immediately to be enlisted for the said service, and that he advance a bounty to such men equal to the bounty directed to be given to the Foot who turn out as Volunteers in the said service.

Resolved, that it be recommended to his Excellency to appoint Vaelntine Beard in Salisbury to receive all such Stores of Provisions as shall be sent to his Care from the Commissary of Purchases, and Martin Fifer, jun., in Mecklenburg and——in Charlotte, whose several receipts shall be valid, and who are also to take receipts from such Commissioned Officers as they may from time to time deliver out the same provisions to.