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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Howe to William Moultrie
Moultrie, William, 1730-1805
June 07, 1778
Volume 14, Page 310

-------------------- page 310 --------------------
[Reprinted From Moultrie's Memoirs of the American Revolution, 1776, Vol. 1, page 222.]

Camp, at Reid's Bluff, June 7th, 1778.

Forgive me, dear sir, if I can not write to you as often as I wish—puzzled, perplexed, disappointed, and the devil and all, I have not one moment to spare, or to spend as I wish. I have just advanced to this post, having been for several weeks waiting the arrival of the militia, who I have impatiently expected. I have marched off this day the Georgia brigades. I follow to-morrow with Pinckney's. The enemy, it seems, wait for us at St. Mary's. I shall endeavor not to keep them long. Had I been seconded as I wished, something capital might have been effected. I, however, still am in hopes we shall (and indeed, I doubt not) have a few knocks, as their post must be broken up for the safety of this state and for theirs, must be defended, &c.

I am, &c.,