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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Virginia General Assembly concerning land grants near the North Carolina/South Carolina boundary
Virginia. General Assembly.
June 22, 1775
Volume 14, Page 314

-------------------- page 314 --------------------

In the House of Delegates, Tuesday, the 15th of June, 1779.

Resolved, That it be proposed to the Assembly of the State of North Carolina that they pass an act saving to any proprietors of Lands heretofore Considered as a part of this State, but which may, on the extension of the Boundary line, fall into the limits of North Carolina, their several rights and Titles, whether founded on patents issued in this State or on legal surveys of any Sworn Surveyor; and, also, that they give the pre-emption to actual Settlers of the Lands so improved and claimed by them at such Composition money as the Assembly of North Carolina have heretofore Established. This proposition is made to the Assembly of North Carolina because, upon running the Cherokee boundary subsequent to the treaty of Lochaber, it was agreed that a due west course from Sleep rock to the intersection of the Holston river, and down the same, should be a temporary Boundary until the Line should be ascertained according to Charter which sanctified the Settlement of the Country under the jurisdiction of this State, and because it may prevent the strife & contention that may otherwise eusue. The Assembly of Virginia wish the advantage of this Proposition to be reciprocal, and will, on their part, secure the like rights to any Citizen of North Carolina who shall, on the extension of the said line, fall into Virginia.

Resolved, That the Governor transmit a Copy of the foregoing resolution to the Governor, the Speaker of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Delegates of North Carolina. Agreed.

June 22d, 1775.
Agreed by the Senate.


John Beckley, C. H. C.
A Copy—
Beckley, C. H. D.