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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the Continental Congress concerning supplies for the Continental Army
United States. Continental Congress
September 10, 1779
Volume 14, Pages 341-342


In Congress, September 10, 1779.

It appearing from the Representation of the Board of War that, for the more comfortable accommodation of the Troops of the United States, it is expedient that each State should provide Cloathing for its own quota of those troops, in addition to that which has been imported or already procured by the Agents appointed by the said Board;

Resolved, that it be earnestly recommended to the Governments of the several States immediately to provide large Quantities of Cloathing for their respective quotas of Troops.

That particular attention be paid to the articles of Hats, hose, shirts, Blankets and Shoes, which are indispensable necessaries, and immediately wanted, and without which the Troops must severely suffer.

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That the Cloathing so purchased or procured by the States respectively be delivered to the Sub or State Cloathiers, agreeable to the Ordinance of the 23d of March last.

That the sub or State Cloathiers make regular monthly returns to the Cloathier General of all Cloathing received from their respective States.

That the executive powers of the several States be requested to correspond with the Board of War from time to time, informing them of their proceedings and Prospects in the Cloathing Business, that every assistance may be given when necessary by the said Board when the Continental Stocks will admit thereof, and Continental Purchasers be stopped when a sufficiency of cloathing is provided.

That it be also recommended to the Government of the respective States to take measures for Providing any Competition of Prices among the Purchasers, whether on account of the Continent or particular States.

That the said Governments be informed that the principal supply of Cloathing for the Troops of their respective Quotas are expected from them, and to this end they are earnestly requested now diligently to exert themselves, and in future to make timely Provision, either by Purchase, Manufacture or Importation.

That the Board of War be directed to inform the executive Powers of the several States, from time to time, of any considerable additions to the stock of Cloathing provided by the United States by Importation or otherwise; that whensoever all or any considerable part of the Cloathing for the Troops is, or shall be, provided by the United States, the Governments of the several States may cease for their Provision.

Extract from the Minutes.