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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
General return of the North Carolina Continental Army troops [Extract]
Scammell, Alexander, 1747-1781
April 1779
Volume 14, Page 363

-------------------- page 363 --------------------
EXTRACT FROM—Monthly Return of the Continental Troops under the Command of His Excellency, George Washington, Esquire, General and Commander-in-Chief of the Armies of the Independent States of America.
[U. S. Pension Bureau, Vol. 102, Page 22.]

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Officers Present Fit for Duty.
For April, 1779.
Rank and File.
Alterations Since the Last.
Brigades and Corps. Colonels. Lieut. Colonels. Majors. Captains. 1st Lieutenants. 2d Lieutenants. Ensigns. Chaplains. Adjutants. Pay Masters. Quarter Masters. Surgeons. Mates. Serg't Majors. Qr. Mr. Sergeants. Drum Majors. Fife Majors. Sergeants. Drum'rs and Fifers. Present Fit For Duty. Sick Present. Sick Absent. On Command. On Furlough. Total. Dead. Discharged. Deserted. Transferred. Promoted. Sergeants. Drum and Fifes. Rank and File.
North Carolina. 2 . 2 3 1 5 4 . 2 1 2 2 . 2 2 2 1 30 25 415 46 23 356 7 847 15 4 5 . . . . 5
In New Jersey.

Col. Patten's Regt. was returned in Gen'l Poor's Brigade, but as it is detached to a number of posts between Paramus and Peekskill, it is inserted with the 1st North Carolina Regiment.