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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Armand Tuffin, Marquis de La Rouërie to Horatio Gates
La Rouërie, Charles Armand Tuffin, marquis de, 1751-1793
July 26, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 509-510

-------------------- page 509 --------------------

Camp, 26th July, 1780.


As this is the first time I have the honor to be under your command, I think it of my duty to revoir (report) this to your Excellency, in purpose that should I be obliged to quite the army you could know before Hand what would have been my reasons for it, since in the army my commission render me independant of any other immediate command except of that of the commandierin-chief of the army where I am. I am told that an officer was to come Here and take the Command of the light troops in general, perhaps not knowing the footing I have been allways on in the army, and what reasons persuaded me to remain in it. You could make an arrangement by which I should be Commanded by officers which I respect, indeed, but which, by the nature of my services, are not entitled to command me, except when ordered to act in Conjunction with them in army expedition. Notwithstanding this, I shall be always ready to Comply with anny desire of the other officers serving on the lines, and I hope your Excellency will not receive anny complaint of my conduct in that respect.

When I set off from the north, it was entaerly lefted to my choice to stay with the grand army or come this way. The reasons which determined me to march Here where those, that the legion of Pulaski was incorporated in mine; which legion was sayd to be 70 dragoons and many foots; instead of this I have found 30 dragoons not mounted, without Clothes and accoutrements. I have done my best in remounting them, and they are now most all ready to do duty. I found no foots men in the legion. I was promised to have one hundred and 50 foots drafted from the army and attached to my legion for during the Campeigne, and your Excellency was so good as to promise me the infanterie of major Lee; there is the true state of my situation, which you may render Happy without do unjustice to others: should your Excellency desire to see the testimony of services which I have been so happy

-------------------- page 510 --------------------
as to obtain in this country, perhaps in rendering me better known to you it would establish me on a better footing in your mind, what otherwise I shall endeavour to do by the way of my services.

As I expected to found some men here I had brought clothing with me, and have therefore one waggon of no actual service, and which is neither troublesome; should your excellency left a store or magazine guard, I wish to Have an order for Have that waggon taken care at that guard.

As I Have many Horses, I pray your Excellency to give me order to march sometime before the army, that they could not put the others Horses in distress for forrage nor be in it themselves.

With great respect,
Yr. excellency, Sir,
The most obtd. st.,