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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Mazerett to John Armstrong
Mazerett, John
August 02, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 520-521

-------------------- page 520 --------------------

Hilsborough, N. Carolina, August 2d, 1780.

Dr. Colo.:

I received yours by Mr. Nicholson with satisfaction. By your request I made application to the Taylor for your Jackcoat, but it was not finished. I see no probability of getting it done here; I thought proper to send it to you. I recommend to you a very good Taylor in the Park belonging to our Regiment, by the name of Wyatt. It is not in my power to send your Boots this week, as they was not quite finish'd, but may rely on having them the first opportunity the next. I am under the disagreeable necessity of Reporting to you My arresting a Capt. belong'g to our Regimt., now under my Commd. at this Station; the particulars you'll find Inclos'd. You'll be kind enough to send me your Instructions how I am to proceed. I do not know whether Genl. Gates is acquainted with our Situation at this Station, which I am now relating to you. Most every man in my Commd.—their times will expire next week, and the whole in Twelve or Fifteen days afterwards, which will leave the Stores in this place to the mercy of a Number of bad people we have in this State. For the good of the Service I detain'd a few Stragling Militia men from Virga. till further orders. I must beg the favour of your relating it to General Gates, & if he pleases, to send me his orders by the bearer of this. It will be in my power to send to head Quarters Sixty Beeves and four waggon Loads of Corn in a few days, if wanting there. It is not proper these stores should be sent without a sufficient Guard, which I am not able to furnish without orders to detain these Militia. I sent this Morning to Virga. for some Hams of bacon for your family, which I believe will be very acceptable in this Miserable Country. The Staff of this place has not done anything since the depart. of Genl. Stephens. I am dayly on their Back, and what little is done I am obliged to see to it myself. Deputy Q. M. Genl., Mr. Potts, left us and I was obliged to appoint one of our Regimt. to act while he returns, if ever. I am a Repairing some houses to Receive the Sick, & am obliged to lay myself under the obligation of seeing the workmen

-------------------- page 521 --------------------
paid; the preparation in the Commissary's department for the Sick is but trifling; he has neither Rum, Sugar, Coffee, nor anything else. In my next I am in hopes it will be in my power to give you more Favourable Accts. of this Station.

Dr. Colo., I have the Honor to be,
Your Most Hble Serv't,
Majr. Comdt. Virga. Artill'y.

N. B. At the finishing of my letter last night. made Int'rest with a friend to get your Jackcoat done, which the bearer wil Deliver to you and wait on you for your Answer.—

J. M.