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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from François Lellorquis, Marquis de Malmady to Horatio Gates
Malmady, François Lellorquis, marquis de
August 04, 1780
Volume 14, Page 531

-------------------- page 531 --------------------


At your arrival in this Army I did myself the honor to communicate you the orders I received of General Lincoln when I Left Charlestown; and the mean time I applyed to be employed according to the resolve of Congress, which Entitles me in this department to the command of the Light infantry, if same formed; there is now the momente, Sir, to make a recent and untimate application.

With no small a degree of sensibility I heard you inviting General Caswell to give the command of his Light infantry to Colonel Porterfield; petitions have been made for Colonels Dubuisson & Armand, but, Sir, I commanded Last campaign that body with the approbation of General Lincoln, and I may say with that of the army & the country. I am detailed by Congress to command it, and Major Armstrong just now called me, desiring to serve with me. I beg your respectfully justice.

I intreat you would agree of my Least observations.

I had the honour to command a body of troops during the siege of Charlestown General Lincoln ordered me to Leave town in the most critical moment, for an important Expedition to the Governor. I have not calculated the dangers of being taken. I have surmounted every obstacles, and though in the poorest situation of healths, having Lost baggages and horses, I made all efforts to join again the army; until this day I have Laid on the ground without blanket. Be pleased to discriminate my sole object I desire for to be employed; I cannot be attached Longer as volunteer to Colonel Armand; my health, delicacy & reputation urge me to beg you a Speedy Employment in a whatsoever Line.

With respect, I am, Sir,
Your most obedient very humble servant,
General Gates,

4 August.