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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Armand Tuffin, Marquis de La Rouërie to Horatio Gates
La Rouërie, Charles Armand Tuffin, marquis de, 1751-1793
August 08, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 536-537



The day before yesterday I made application to your Excellency for have some foots of the militia attached to my command until the infantery of Major Lee could joyn the army. My reason for this request were that I have not by great deal footsmen enough not only to rencounter the enemy but not even to be a secu rity for my cavellery when at my post, where by the want of forage we are forced to turn often the Horses loose in the field.

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your Excellency Had been pleased to consider the matter, and in consequence Had reinforced my command with one Hundred and fifty of the militia and Lnt. Col. Porterfield's men. I expected that this should be my constant command till the foots men of Lee should arrive. However, Col. Porterfield Has, as it is seem, received particular orders to march, and has march this evening, without I knew nothing of it; and it seems, by a Conversation that I Had with Col. Porterfield, that he look upon those militia men as under His immediate command. However, it was me who made an application to your Excellency and Genl. Caswel for those men. I beg leave to tell that whatsoever good are our Militia on Horse they can not answer the most necessary purpose of mounting guards and securing a post. I beg your Excellency would not believe that I mean to complain in the least of Col. Porterfield, whose character I respect and whose Happiness and command I am far to be Jaleous of__;This came marly from the necessity in which the great and general sickness in my infantery and its insufficient number put me under, and of the true will and desire I Have of being Enabled to render services to this Country and deserve your Esteem. Your Excellency is well apprised of what advantage the Ennemy have taken upon us in destroying our Cavalery to the Suthern as this unhappynes Had no other cause but the want of infantery with our Cavelery__I may eprove the same event.

With the gretiest respect,
Your most Hble. obt.

8th August, 1780.