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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jethro Sumner to Horatio Gates
Sumner, Jethro, 1733?-1785
September 03, 1780
Volume 14, Page 590

-------------------- page 590 --------------------

Camp at Ramsey's Mill, September 3d, 1780.


I arrived here about six in the Even'g of the 2d Inst. and find the camping ground disadvantagious upon being attacked, arms in bad order, very short of cartridge boxes—not more than 200—near one-third of the soldiers employed in beating out wheat at different farmes for the subsistence of the Camp. Not a beeff secured, depending on what can be taken from the wood or farms near the Camp; no commissary immediately employed to look too for these gross Neglects. I wish Mr. Molett, had some order to attend more to the supplying this brigade, Having had drove off with, without the knowledge of Colo. Seawell, near 300 beaves and without the modesty of leaving one. As soon as I can procure proper returns I shall transmit to you a Genl. one. A Number of Gentleman Volunteers from Pitt County have joined, but few armed.

I am, Sir,
Yr Very Hble. Servt.,
Genl. Gates.