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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Memorandum from Otho Holland Williams and Benjamin Ford concerning military intelligence
Williams, Otho Holland, 1747-1790; Ford, Benjamin
September 08, 1780
Volume 14, Page 604

-------------------- page 604 --------------------

We do not think the intelligence communicated to the Council ought to be wholly credited, nor entirely rejected. It may be proper to communicate it to the Governor and Council of the State of Virginia, with the Degree of Credit which it may seem to Deserve in the Opinion of the Gentlemen of this Board, But we are of Opinion the Determination of the Council, now to be taken, sho'd not to be conclusive, because our present circumstances, (being in want of Men, Magazines, means of Transportation, Camp Equipage, Intrenching Tools and Cloathing, especially Blanketts and Shoes) will afford sufficient time to gain further information, before the army can be arranged, and furnish'd or any decisive measure taken.

8th. September, 1780.
OTH. H. WILLIAMS, Colonel.
BENJ. FORD, Lt. Coll.