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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Polk to Horatio Gates
Polk, Thomas, 1732-1794
September 11, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 608-609



After the unhappy Fate of our Army almost every man took the Liberty of conjectureing what might probably be the Consequence as to this State. With your Approbation I formerly troubled you with my Sentiments on this subject. You must pardon me if my Desire of doing public Service prompts me again to trouble you with Accounts of Danger impending over this country, & submit to you the mode of Relief. From the present motions of the British Armies, We have nothing less to expect than an Attack on the Western Counties of this State, from the greatQuantity

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of Provision contained in which they are & ought to be considered of the utmost Consequence to the State: Cornwallis is in the line—his Force not yet well known. Coll. Ferguson, with an Army composed of British & Tories have penetrated into one of the Western Counties of this State, and from their mode of march intend to pursue their Rout thro' the Frontiers where their party must increase & probably Overun some of the interior Counties of this District on their Return.

I am, Sir, Your very huml. Servt.,

Charlotte 11th September 1780.

P. S. We have had no Relief from Sumner or Virginia, & believe we shall be reduced to the Necessity of fighting in two or three days, or passively suffer the Enemy to ravage the Country.

T. P.