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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry William Harrington to Horatio Gates
Harrington, Henry William, 1747-1809
September 12, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 609-610


Camp Near Cross Creek, 12 Sept., 1780


Yesterday evening just after I had the honour to receive your Favour per Express, I received a Letter from Colo. Kolb, dated the 10th Instant, wherein he informs me that He had been the day before in Anson County, as high up as within twelve miles of Anson Court-house, that there was not the least appearance of British Forces there, nor any where as he could learn on this side Cambden. McLean the Deserter's story I am now convinced was all a fiction. The Colonel writes that a young man, late a prisoner who left Cambden last Thursday, says the Enemy have been shoe'ing their Horses, and had certainly sent some Artillery to the South West side the Wateree River.

Colo. Kolb has again defeated the Tories in two Skirmishes in Anson County. In the first He killed Captains Jno. Douglass & Abraham Bellew (in the Pocket of this last was found a Commission from Lord Cornwallis, of which the enclosed is a copy,) and one Private was found on the ground & 5 more wounded in such a manner that He (Colo. Kolb) writes that they will not trouble him again: in the second he wounded several & dispersed

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them; a ball passed thro' the Colonel's cloaths. He had one of his men wounded in the groin and another by a buck shot in the Mouth. He has from 80 to 100 good, resolute Men with him, who I am in hopes will stand by him until we march to Peedee.

I have the honor to be, Sir,
Your most humble and obdt. Serv.