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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the North Carolina General Assembly concerning the defense of the state
North Carolina. General Assembly
September 13, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 612-613


State of North Carolina,
In the House of Commons, 13 September, 1780.

Resolved, that His Excellency, the Governor, be Requested to Signify to General Gates that it is the opinion of the General Assembly that the Safety of this State essentially depends upon the Continental Troops now at Hillsborough and the Neigh bourhood thereof not removing farther Northward; that Such a Measure will be productive of the most dangerous, and we apprehend fatal Consequences to this Government, as it will tend to dispirit the Militia and make any efforts from our own internal resources feeble and ineffectual; that the good people of this State rest with great Confidence upon the bravery of the Continental Troops and their Commanders, and apprehend that the progress of the British Troops has been retarded from their fears of this respectable body being soon in a capacity to make effectual resistance to them.

The Assembly pledge themselves to the General that they will exert themselves to obtain an immediate Supply of all Military and other stores Necessary for the Continental Army, and that the utmost strength and Credit of this State shall be exerted to make their present Station Respectable and agreeable to them.

As an earnest of the Sincerity of Professions of the General Assembly, they have already given Orders to the Commissioners

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of the board of Trade to use their utmost industry to procure the Several Articles which have been laid before the Assembly as Necessary for the Continental Army, and of which General Gates requires an Expeditious Supply.

By Order J. Haywood, P. Clk.