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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edward Stevens to Horatio Gates
Stevens, Edward
September 13, 1780
Volume 14, Page 613


September 13th, 1780.


It pains me that my Militia should give you so much truble, And especially at a time when I am sensible you must be much harrassd with matters of so much greater moment. I shall order a Field Officer to remain in Hillsborough to prevent it in future as much as is possible.

Permit me to ashure you, Sir, It will always give me infinite Satisfaction when I have it in my power to comply with your requests.

The money Mr. Mallett has mentioned to you was a Sum that was sent to my care to pay the Militia a certain Sum, agreeable to Acts of Assembly, when they rendevoused first at Hillsborough; And as their did not so many meet as was expected their was a surplus, this I was directed to use for Contingences. Some of it was applyed in that way, the Ballance remained in the care of the Quarter Master and was lost with our military Stores. I can make out the small Sum of Three Thousand Pounds. If it will be of any service, it is at your disposal. I shall wait on you tomorrow, prepaired to proceed to Virginia.

With every sentiment of Friendship, I am, Sir,
Your most obt. hum. Serv.