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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Lee Davidson to Horatio Gates
Davidson, William Lee, 1746-1781
September 14, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 614-615


September 14, 1780.


I have the pleasure to enform you that Colo. Davie, with a Detachment of Horse and Light Infantry from my Brigade, compleatly surprized a party of Tories on the morning of the 20th Sept., two miles in the rear of the British encampment. Killed, 12; on the ground, wounded, by our best intelligence, about 60, and brought off our prisoner, and the Colo. made good his retreat with 50 Horses, as many saddles, 13 guns, &c. Lord Cornwalliss continues at the Waxsaw Creek, collecting reinforcements from the Militia, fattening his Horse, and Carrying off every article valuable to our Army. His present strength is about 1,200, with one piece of Artillery—perhaps near one-half of his number Tories. Colo. Trumbull, on the west of the River, has about 700, chiefly new recruits in uniform, and is now in fishing Creek Neighbourhood. Colo. Ferguson, with about 800 Tories, has advanced to Gilberts Town, and a Detachment from him has penegrated

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as far as Burk Court House, with which Colo. Mc'dowul Skirmished with about two Hundred men, but gave ground and retreated, I am enformed, over the Mountains. Genl. Sumner has joined me. Genl. Sumpter has Collected about 400 of his Dispersed Troops, and lies 15 miles on our right on the Bank of the River. I have ordered Collonels Amstrong, Cleveland and Lock to unite their forces against Furguson, and if possible stop his progress. The establishment of a post at Maskes ferry appears well Calculated to make a Diverte and give relief to the Western parts of the State. Inclosed you have a Coppy of a proclamation, which Colo. Furguson has taken grate pains to Circulate.

I have the Honnour to be,
Your most Obdt. & very Hbl. Serv't,

Camp, 8 miles South of Charlotte, Sept. 14th, 1780.

P. S. Will thank you to send the enclosed to governor Nash.