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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry William Harrington to Horatio Gates
Harrington, Henry William, 1747-1809
September 16, 1780
Volume 14, Page 623

-------------------- page 623 --------------------

Camp, near Cross Creek,
16th Sept., 1780, 8 p. m.

Dear Sir:

By Letters from Peedee, dated yesterday noon, I have certain accounts that the heads of the Tories on & near Peedee have moved their effects to Cambden, and those on whom I can place the highest confidence write me that two men, one of the name of French, & the other an Inhabitant of the banks of Peedee, both from Little Lynches Creek, near Cambden, last Monday declare that the Enemy had certainly left that Post, which my Correspondents believe to be the case. They also believe the British suffered greatly in the Action of the 16th Ulto., as all accounts from Cambden say.

A Youth, directly from Wilmington to Cross Creek, brings accounts that some Spaniards were in Wilmington, who had been put on Shore in Long Bay by a British Privateer. They say the combined Fleet captured 100 Sail of British Merchantmen; carried them to the Havannah. They also say they saw the French Fleet on this Coast. This intelligence is of such a nature as, I think, Sir, you ought to be immediately acquainted with, as well as with that from Peedee. I therefore send this per Express, and charge him to present it by Monday noon.

I understand Govr. Nash has left Hillsborough. In his last favour to me, dated the 11th Instant, he writes he shall, in a few days, order Post to be taken on Peedee, and that I should be of the Party. I shall be happy, Sir, to hear from You on this head, as I also shall to hear a confirmation of the arrival of the 2d division of the French Fleet to the Northward.

I have the honor to be, Dear Sir,
Your most humble and most obed't Serv.,