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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Adam Jamison to Horatio Gates
Jamison, Adam
September 22, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 639-640


Commissary Lamb's, 22d September, 1780.


I have visited the Post at Roanocke and find only 10 Barrels flour, 12 ditto Bread, 140 Gallons Brandy and Six Bushels Salt. At Mr. Lamb's 23 Barrels Indian Meal, 9 ditto Pork, 9 ditto Brandy and about 400 Hs. Bacon. 'Tis very difficult to procure Waggons at this Post, (Mr. Lamb informs,) as the County Commissionours have taken those Matters into their hands, and are very Slow in their Movements. However, shall not leave this 'till, I see the Stores on. I have directed Mr. Anderson, Should there not be a Sufficiency to load the Waggons that came to Roanocke,

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to forward all his Stores; and should there Still remain waggons unloaded to inform Colo. Carrington of it, who perhaps can load them with Military Stores or Equipoge.

I am, Sir,
Your most Obt. Hble. Servant,
Honble. Majr. Genl. Gates.