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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Pendergast to Horatio Gates
Pendergast, William
September 1780
Volume 14, Page 641

-------------------- page 641 --------------------

Hillsbo., Sepr.,1780.


The different applications I've made in person for instructions relative to the conducting of the department I am at present order'd to serve in, & still put off, (on acct. of the multiplicity of Business at Head Quarters,) induces me to apply by proxy, conceiving that more attention can be paid to what is committed to writing than to what I cou'd say on the occasion. I therefore take the liberty of informing Your Excellency that the Inhabitants of this place or part of the Country will not take even money exorbitantly offer'd for their produce, and of consequence the Troops must inevitably suffer without there is some other method immediately adopted to procure supplies than that of depending totally on those who are employed to purchase. I am sorry to see that even Marching Troops cannot be supplied with provision to suffice from one post to another.

The Regular Troops had but half a pound of Flour each to subsist on, with Beef, Yesterday, & 'twill be evening before they can get any this day.

The Commissioner at this place promises he will do every thing in his power to assist in making a collection. There is two or three days' Beef yet on Hand, which may suffice 'till a drove arrives (which I expect every hour) from Wake County, but I much fear a disappointment. Thus circumstanced, & without the least expectation of any further supplies of Grain (after the small quantity sent to Halifax for arrives) 'till Corn is fit for use, has totally deprived me of all ease of mind lest the scarcity may be attributed to my want of Ability for conducting so important a task. But you may rest assured I have spared no pains in doing every thing to remedy it that in my power lay.

I have the honor of being,
With the greatest respect, Sir,
Your very obedient & Most humble Servant,
Genl. Gates.