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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Green to Horatio Gates
Green, James, ca. 1737-1784
September 23, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 642-643

-------------------- page 642 --------------------

Newbern, 23rd September, 1780.


Agreeable to promise, on my return to Newbern I urged to my partners the great Necessity there Appeared for furnishing the Continental Troops with Such Articles as might be contained in the prizes Captured by the General Nash, belonging to the Concern.

Upon reflection they Joined with me in Opinion, and I am to Acquaint your Excellency that the Articles Contained in a List which Col. Blount will Transmit for information may be had for Good Bills on the Treasury of Maryland in Continental Money, draughts to be furnished on the delivery of the Goods, payable at Sixty days after date, at the following price, to-wit:

Every pound Sterling is worth
Specie here and will Command more in produce.
Add 75 for 1
Cont. Money

Thus, for every pound Sterling & Invoice, Three hundred and Seventy five pounds in Continental Money will be expected. I therefore hope, when matters are viewed in their true light, the Advance herein Mentioned will not be tho't Exorbitant, since the goods will command a greater price at this place.

The Articles of the Ship Genl. Nash Mentions, that “No prizes shall be divided or Sold Until the end of the Cruize,” (which will be in about three Weeks,) Yet from the Urgent Necessity there Appears to provide for the Troops, I am willing to Violate this Article, so far as it relates to such things immediately wanted, resting at the same time with the greatest Confidence that no Articles which will belong to the Officers and Crew will be Wrested from them. Such a procedure will most effectually put an end to distressing the Enemy, and end with the Owners of the Ship in great Confusion. When the prizes are divided I will do everything in my power with the Men to obtain such things as

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may suit the Army, provided any Measures can be thought of, and a person appointed to effect a purchase, for sure I am the Sailors will sell soon after they get the goods in possession.

I have the honor to be,
With great Esteem
Your Excellency's
Obedt. Huml. Servt.,