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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Edward Carrington to Horatio Gates
Carrington, Edward, 1749-1810
September 25, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 653-654


Sepr. 25th, 1780, Taylor's Ferry,

Dr. General:

I did myself the Honor yesterday to acquaint you by Col. Senf., that we had at length prevailed on a Man to Undertake the Building the Battearey, & that he was to go to work this morning. However He has now flown off, saying that it is a piece of work he has not been used to. This I fear will still be the case with others. Indeed, there is such a Backwardness amongst the People to engage in public business that an Assurance of the

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money's being paid immediately seems to have but little influence. I shall endeavour, with the Assistance of the Qr. Master, to get the business a going on, but really wish I could have some other dependence for an Undertaker than any workman hereabouts. I therefore take the liberty of suggesting to you the propriety of making a trial to find out one amongst your Troops at Hillsborough. If you can find a Soldier who is acquainted with the business, (which I think more probable than the finding one amongst the people here,) I am convinced we shall by that means get the work done much sooner & better than by any other hand. We have engaged already Negro Sawyers, who I think we may depend on for the Laborious part of the Work. Were we even to send to Petersburgh to get a hand, we should at least experience a great deal of delay. Genl. Muhlenburgh writes me that 400 Camp Kettles are on their way from Richmond to this place, which he has Borrowed from the State. The Waggons have not yet arrived which were to come from Hilsborough.

I have the Honor to be, Yr. Mo. Obt.