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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from [Adam] Jamison to the [commanding officer of Virginia]
Jamison, Adam
September 30, 1780
Volume 14, Page 658

-------------------- page 658 --------------------

Petersburg, Septemr. 30th, 1780.


I have been, by order of General Gates, Visiting the different Magazines of provisions from Roanocke to Richmond, to Know what Supplies might be expected from this State for the Use of the Southern Army, which is now much in want of Provisions, &c. I find but very little Meat in any of the Posts, though a Plenty of Flour, Meal and Liquor, but at the same time cannot get any forwarded to the Army on account of the Scarcity of Waggons; but the Governor Expects that Difficulty will be removed in a few Weeks, as he has ordered a Number of Teams to be purchased, at which period I could wish you would take some measures (as the Army is daily increasing, and our Sole dependance is on this State) to have Considerable Quantities of Provisions forwarded to Taylor's Ferry on Roanocke, where there will be Teams from the State of N. Carolina to Transport them to the Army. Bacon is much indeed wantd., having seen none since we left this State last June and as the So. Army has this Campaign endured a very large proportion of Hunger, fatigue and every other difficulty, incident to a Campaign in that Climate. they consider themselves Justly intitled to a portion of that Article, and rely on you for it. I leave this in a few Days for Hillsborough, and should be glad to hear from you Occasionally.

Comsy. G. I.