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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry William Harrington to Horatio Gates
Harrington, Henry William, 1747-1809
October 02, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 660-661


Camp near Cross Creek, 2d October, 1780.

Dear Sir:

The Person who I sent to the Sea-shore is returned. He has, I believe, been diligent & faithful. He brings me Accounts that one Gordon, of Geor. Town, now a Colo., is collecting the Militia, to act against any of our People who may enter South Carolina by the way of the Boundary House, near the Sea shore. He informs me that a Mr. Thos. Neale, a near neighbor of Colo. Dry's, in Brunswick County, assured him that He (Mr. Neale) had been told by Mr. Thos. McLean, Clerk of the Superior Court of Wilmington, who left that Town last Saturday week, that accounts had been there received of 15 Sail of the French Line, several Frigates & a number of Transports having been seen

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between Bermuda & the Carolinas. If so, they must eer long appear on this Coast, as the Ecquenoxial Gales will be soon over, & they may then approach with safety. Many of the Tories of South Carolina say the French Fleet have been seen off Beauford in that State, but with what Truth I know not. I shall do my utmost to have it in my power, to send to Head Quarters the first accounts of their arrival.

I have the honour to be, Sir,
Your most humble and most obedt. Serv.,