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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Nathaniel Morris to Horatio Gates
Morris, Nathaniel G.
October 05, 1780
Volume 14, Page 671

-------------------- page 671 --------------------

Hogan's Creek, 5th October, 1780.


I have the pleasure of sending to Hills'gh two Tories, & from information I believe they are ringleaders in this part of the Country; & a third is badly wounded, but will send him on as soon as his wounds will permit. Inclosd is the Deposition of two men before me against one of them, & the Confession of another against both. The latter I was favoured with by some of the Inhabitants. I was as Concise as possible in the Deposition, as I suppos'd it would be necessary to summon the Witnesses to their Tryal. When I got here & saw Gen. Stevens's letter to Colo. Faulkner, I was much surprised to find Colo. Faulkner had mistaken the meaning of the Genl. with respect to the eight months men. His meaning was that they should be sent back from Virga. here to serve their time, and not from here to Virga., which I have to regret on acct. of the poor Soldiers here, who are in the most distrest situation imaginable, entirely naked and falling Sick every Day. I am very unwell myself & scarcely able to sit up. I hope if the Cloathing is arriv'd at Hillsbgh. you will not forget your promise of a Coat, as the cold season is advancing very fast & I very poorly cloathd. For further particulars shall refer you to Major Conway of our Brigade, who hands you this.

Sir, your Most Obt. Hble. Sert.,
Majr. Comdt. V. M.