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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Mark Armstrong to Jethro Sumner
Armstrong, Mark
October 07, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 675-676


Surry County, Oct. 7th, 1780.


Last night I arrived home from your Camp, & find the Tories are too strong for what force I can raise. They are determined to have me Prisoner. Their number about 300. They have

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moved from Richmond, but intend to return in a few days. The men I have here cannot be depended on, & of a truth my present Circumstances are bad. I am now on my way to Henry County, in Virginia, to hasten the Aid from that place & bring them thro' this County, but am of the opinion they cannot be here before next Friday. The County at this time is exposed, for almost every good man that could be collected is now in service, & unless some timely Aid comes am afraid the enemy will persevere further in their hostile Scheme already begun.

There, Sir, are the present circumstances, which will only affect this County for some few days before we have a force collected able to repel them; but if some of the Light-Horse could be spared from Camp perhaps the work would be accomplished sooner, but this by no means should request, if they can be more usefull in any other place. Colo. Wright & his Brother are at the head of these Banditts of Plunderers, whose ignorance is to be dreaded, having not the least principles of Honor or honesty.

I am, &c.,

P. S. If Convenient, I should take it as a favor to send a Copy of this to Genl. Davidson.

Hnble. Brig. Genl. Sumner.