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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Polk to Horatio Gates
Polk, Thomas, 1732-1794
October 10, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 684-685



Your Draught on the Governor of Virginia I sent by Mr. Ochiltree, which was not answered; on that Gentleman's Return I neglected to call on him for the Draught. He was shortly after made prisoner by the English. Least any ill use should be made ofit, have thought it my Duty to make known this Circumstance to you. Majr. Polk, by whom I sent the Maryland Draught, writes that the Govr. and Council of that State have refused to answer the same till they have been advised by Congress that Genl. Gates hath Authority to draw. Part of the Provision I had laid up in Charlotte was taken by the Enemy. My own Money is entirely expended; am therefore reduced to the Necessity of calling on you for a supply.

There is a Gentleman from Virginia, now waiting for the Return of my Express, who will pay me the Money for the Draught if you will oblige me by Sending one on Virginia. My

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Property is chiefly lost; cannot therefore Venture to extend my Credit.

I am, Sir,
Your very huml. Servt.

Camp Yadkin, October 10th, 1780.