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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Anthony Walton White to Horatio Gates
White, Anthony Walton, 1750-1803
October 18, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 702-703


Halifax, October 18th, 1780.

Honl. Sir:

I received your Letter of the 11th Inst. by Mr. Gunn. An almost fatal fit of Sickness, which had nearly deprived me of Life, also prevented me from executing the instructions I had the Honour of receiving from you at Hillsborough, which I should have done with the greatest pleasure immaginable. The orders I received in your last will, I am affraid, be out of my power to execute for some time. I am extremely weak and low; my fever has left a Gravelly complaint on me, which is also very troublesome. I am now at this Place, and shall send off all the men of both Regiments as soon as they are able to ride. I am in hopes to get the whole from here in about a Week; to get all that are fit for duty, both Men and Horses, in readiness to March at a Moment's warning, and write to you for Orders, should they march, to leave an

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Officer with those that may be unfit to March, which I will bring on with those at this Place. I am in great hopes that I shall be inabled to March the whole of the Cavalry myself, agreeable to your Orders, before you leave Hillsborough; but if I should not, give me leave to assure you Major Call will neglect nothing that ought to be done; he is an Active, good Officer.

I return you, good Sir, my sincere thanks for the pleasure you express on the recovery of my Health, and the Friendly advice I received from you at Hillsborough respecting my affairs. I hope my conduct ever has and will be such as to merit and continue your Friendship.

I have the Honor to be,
With the greatest Respect and Esteem,
Your most Obdt. Hble. Servt.,

N. B. Since writing the above General Huger has shewn me your last instructions to him, agreeable to which I have wrote to Major Call to execute such orders as the General may be pleased to give.