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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Report by the Committee of Clothing of the Southern Department of the Continental Army concerning the distribution of supplies
United States. Continental Army. Southern Dept.
October 28, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 714-716

-------------------- page 714 --------------------

We the Committee of Clothing, Appointed by the Honorable Major General Gates by his Order of the 19th day of September last, do hereby Certify that Mr. Estis has issued upon our Orders to Captain Gibson, for the use of the Maryland and Delaware Troops, forty Blanketts, Ninety Vests, Seven Hundred Knapsacks, two Hundred pair Stockings, One Hundred & twenty & half Yards Flannel, Seven Boys' shirts, Seventy five Skeans coarse white thread, forty eight dozen thread vest Buttons, Sixty Skeans sewing Silk, Eight Ozs. red & blue sewing silk, Thirty Six dozen Shirt buttons & half pound white thread.

To Major Mazerett, for the use of the Corps of Artillery under his command, Ten Blankets, two Ozs. sewing silk, Seventy two yards blue Duffill, One Hundred & Sixty Knapsacks, eight yards shirting flannel, Fifty Seven yards milled flannel, twenty six Skeins coarse white thread, thirty four dozen Vest Buttons, twelve dozen shirt buttons, ten Ozs. & thirty one skeins of Sewing Silk, half pound of wht. thread, Nine dozen & three pair coarse Stockings, Seventy eight Knapsacks, eight Skeins white thread.

To Doctr. Brown. for the use of the Hospital, ten Blanketts.

To James Haven, for the use of N. Carolina Militia under Genl. Butler, five Hundred Knapsacks.

To General Huger, for his own use, Twelve yards mill'd flannel, four Skeins thread, four dozen thread buttons.

To Capt. P. Devaux, for his own use, four yards mill'd flannel, two Skeins thread, twelve thread buttons.

To Colo. Blueford, for the use of his Regimt., Thirty Knapsacks.

And that Mr. Thomas has issued by our Orders to Captain Gibson, Twelve pieces blue Long Ells, Eleven pieces narrow grey Cloth, Seven pieces Duffill, forty three pieces Kendle Cottons, three pieces of Scarlet Cloth, two pieces of blue Cloth, eight yards in a remnant of Scarlet & one and half Yards of blue cloth in a remnant, six Yards of grey duffill, twelve yards damag'd duffill, twenty & half pairs of rose Blankets, & thirty pounds of white thread.

-------------------- page 715 --------------------

To John Penn, Esqr., for the use of Major Sharp, Nine yards of Grey cloth & five yards of Long Ells.

To Colonel Thomas Sumpter, for his own use, two & half yards blue cloth, One & three Quarter yards Scarlet cloth, Seven yards Duffil, four yards Long Ells, One rose Blanket.

To Doctr. Brown, for the use of the Hospital, Eight pieces of Kendle Cottons, twenty two & quarter yards Duffil, twelve pounds of wht. thread, & one piece of Long Ells.

To Major Mazerett, for the use of the Corps of Artillery, three pieces of narrow Grey cloath, Eleven pieces of Long Ells, two pieces of Duffil, also twenty four yards of Duffil in a remnant, twelve pieces Kendle Cottons, One piece of Light Canvas, one pound thread, three pieces of blue cloth, two pieces of Scarlet, Nineteen pounds thread, three Bolts of Canvass, eight bed Cords, four Rose Blankets, & one yard of coarse Cloath.

To P. Mallett, Esqr., for his own use, One yard Scarlet cloath.

To Colonel Morgan, for his own use, three & half yards of blue Cloath, One pair rose Blankets.

To Lieut. Yarborough & Ensign King, for their own use, twelve yards Duffil.

To Doctr. Warfield, for his own use, Six yards Duffil & Nine y'ds Long Ells.

To Lieut. Gunn, for his use, two & half yds. blue Cloath, two & half y'ds scarlet cloath, six y'ds Long Ells, & a Quarter pound of thread.

To Major Lee, &c., for the use of Colonel Beauford's Regt., two pieces of Scarlet cloath, two pieces of blue Cloth, forty one y'ds Duffil, two pieces & a remnant Containing Six y'ds Long Ells, & eight pounds of wht. thread.

To Doctr. Elbert, for his use, eight & half y'ds Duffil.

To Colonel Morgan, for the use of the Light Infantry, twenty four Dutch Blankets & four pair of rose Blankets.

To Lieut. Barnes, Q. M. of Infantry, Six yards Long Ells.

To Lieut. Thomas Miller of 4th V. Regt., Seven y'ds of grey Duffil & a Quarter of a pound thread.

To Joseph Thomas, Esqr., Commy. of Issues, One & three Quarters of yard blue cloath, One & three quarter Y'ds Scarlet cloath, Six yards Duffil, & Six y'ds Long Ells.

To Major Morris of V. Militia, Six yards Grey Duffil.

-------------------- page 716 --------------------

To A. Thomas, A. Q. M. G., One pair rose Blankets, One pound wht. thread.

To Captain Williams, Invalid, Six yards grey Duffil.

To Captain Marbury, D. Q. M. G., Seventeen pieces Light Canvas, three Quoil Drum Cords, One bundle of Twine, Eight & half pounds, two hand saws, Seven hand saw files, five Gimblets & two Gonges.

To Cornet Diggs of L. D., One & half yards blue cloath.

To Captain Davies of So. Carolina, Six yards Coarse brown Cloath, Nine yards Long Ells, & One pound of thread.

To Doctr. Aaron & Elijah Gillett, Eighteen y'ds of coarse brown Cloath.

To John Reynolds, C. M. S., One & three Quartr. yards of Scarlet Cloth, One & three Quarter yards blue Cloath, & four y'ds Long Ells.

As very little of any kind of Cloathing remains in Store, and as it is Expected the Troops will move from Hillsborough before the Arrival of a further supply, the Committee desire to be dissolv'd.

Yr. most Obedt. Hble. Servts.,
O. H. WILLIAMS, Commee. of Cloathing.
Coll. ARCHD. ANDERSON, Major. Commee. of Cloathing.
JOHN MAZARET, Major. Commee. of Cloathing.

Since closeing the within Report we have issued our Orders for Mr. Thomas to issue Six yards blue Long Ells to Capt. Davison, Twenty yards Ditto to Major Hardmand and Eight pieces to Major Mazaret, for use of the Corps of Artillery.

O. H. WILLIAMS, Colo. Commee. of Cloathing.
ARCHD. ANDERSON, Major. Commee. of Cloathing.
JOHN MAZARET, Major. Commee. of Cloathing.
J. BROWN, S. Genl.