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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Francis Marion to Horatio Gates
Marion, Francis, 1732-1795
November 04, 1780
Volume 14, Page 726

-------------------- page 726 --------------------

Lynches Creek, 4th Novr., 1780.


On the 24th Oct. I heard of a body of Militia encamping in the forks of Black river. I immediately Crossed Peedee, and the Next Night I came up with two hundred under the Command of Colo. Tyne, which I surprised, Killed Six, wounded 14, & took prisoners 23, & we got 80 horses and Saddles & as many Stand of Arms. The Colo. Made his Escape; but Sending a party to the high hills of Santee, he fell into our hands with Several Other prisoners who have Commissions in the Militia or Civill; also some who have been very Active against us & Great plunderers, all which I have Sent to Genl. Harrington on the Cheraw Hill.

I hope I shall be Able to keep the North side of Santee clear of the Enemy, and prevent them from drawing off Stock. The militia is now turning out better than they have done for some time past. My Strength the 25 Oct. was 150 of all ranks, & at present Upwards of 200, & I expect in three Or four days it will be double. There is in Georgetown 60 British Invalides, and as many militia from the South of Santee, which I hope to remove in a few days. Colo. Giles is with me, & has been very Active & Servicable; but I Believe Genl. Harrington will Order him from me, Greatly against his Inclination, and much to the Dissatisfaction of all his Officers.

Genl. Harrington has Wrought to Majr. Horry Orders as if he Commanded Colo. McDonald Regt., which you had given to me, & I cannot think it is your Intention I shoud be under his Command—(The rest of this letter has been purloined.)