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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Wade to Horatio Gates
Wade, Thomas, 1720-1786
November 23, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 750-752


Camp Cheeks Creek, 23d. Novr., 1780.

Dear General:

Sir, the unhappy John Kimbrough, a Late Captain of the Disafected & Deluded people of this Neighbourhood, after Lying Out Ever sence he wass Defeated at masks ferry in September Last, is this day come in and surrendred himself, and Saith that he hartily & willingly Submits him Self to the mercy of his Country, being fully Convinced of this Error, and willing to be subject to Laws thereof. I have him in my Custody, and shall take proper Cear of him till your pleasure is Known; whether I may take bail of him to appear before your Excellency, or the Board of Warr, the Governor & Council, or the General assembly of this State, as he can give undoubted bail for Either, and as his property, say all but his Landed Estate, are in the State of South Carolina. He would not have surrended only on Condition to have Leave to Send for his Slaves before the Enemies Could Know that he had Surrendred; therefore has Sent for his property home, and I think is determined to Stand to his Country if he's

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Luckey anuff to procure a pardon for his past Offences. Now, Sir, his Coming in will be the means of the Chief of the Outlyers in this County to Come in in a few days time, I Expect.

As Sence the 9th day of this Instant I have Recd. the Submission of about One Hundred of the Outlying torys, and Taken about fifty, those who have been officers I Send to B. General Harington, who send them thats been Active to Newbern Jail, and the Common men we make Polais for three month on their giving Surrity for their faithfull performance of a Three months' Tower of Duty and their Good behavior During the War, which they Redily Comply with, & I believe will faithfuly perform, they being Sick of their new friends, and this methord will render them useful to us and Cause them to be under the Resentment of the British. We having at this time upwards of one hundred of those deluded peoples now under arms, and Some of them I have tryed in my Regment and think they will make Good Soldiers. So also those that I have Turnd Over to General Harington in the foot Servis all Seem Cherful and hapy to be Recd. on them Circumstances. Had we not Enlarged them on that plan we should have had more prisner to Guard then men to Guard them, and many of them pore and Large familys to maintain; and if by this methord we Can make them useful members and Convince them of their former Conduct, it will in my Opinion be better then to Kill them, Though when I wass Ordered Out hear by Governor Nash the 11th of Sept., the affairs in those partts wass very Gloomy, I havin an Order to Rais all the voluntears that I could to protect the Inhabitents of pee Dee. My Rigment now consist of Six Companies, which is about 180 men, Exclusive of Officers, and at this time Could make it much fuller if I thought proper. The Times of the men Expire the 12th of february; that I think they are Some of as good melitia as any in the State, but before I could bring the Inhabitents of those Countys to what I now have them we had to Kill in a few Outliers, which Ansured a good End. I hope in a few days to One hundred more out of the Countys of Montgomery & Richmond, where I now am ingaged pitching into them and many Daily Comes in & Submits. If I had Swords for One Company I think it would answer a good End. I have Colected Chief of the publick Waggons in those some Horses, though when General Harington Retreated the

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plundring party while I went to Hilborough Came in And Cared of Some horses and Destroyed Sundry of the waggons. The waggons I have Colected I shall have Repaird, as they are much damaged and Robd. of all the Small utintials and Gears. One Amunition Waggon I have Delivered G. Harington, who is to Deliver his to the Quartermaster at Hilsborough. Some of my Company I have now Hunting Catle for the Army, and the next week purpose to Scour Linches Creek and the Setlements near Camden, and Drive in all the fat Cattle that are in the Enemy's way.

I am, Dear General,
Your most Humble Servt.,
Colo. of the Voluntiars.