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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Mallett to Horatio Gates
Mallett, Peter, 1744-1805
November 24, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 753-754


Hillsborough, 24th November, 1780.

Dear Sir:

I am in pain to be under the necessity of mentioning buisness to you, under your present state of family distress. A gentleman of your steatliness of mind and timber cannot want of any reminding how much fortertude is required on such accations.

The Warrant that you was pleased to give our house, M. Tulloch & Eites, on Mr. Clay we presented for payment, but by some means or other I am disappointed in every matter lately wherein

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the Public is concerned. Mr. Clay had no money, but informs us that, as the matter seems a provencial debt, he cannot pay other ways than in French bills at 120 for 1. This I leave to you to Judge whether it is a Provencial or Continl. debt, as I most certainly could have sold the waggons only for more money in state bills than the whole Account amounted to. The warrants only mention dollars, not the kind. Mr. Clay will pay French bills at the Continl. Exchange. If you are pleaced to tell him so, or that you will alter the warrant at his ariveal, or add Continl. dollars, may I ask the favor of an answer by the bearer?

I am, with Sincerity & Esteem,
Your very obedient, Humble Servt.,
Major Genl. Gates.