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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Sumter to Horatio Gates
Sumter, Thomas, 1734-1832
November 25, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 754-755


25th Novr., 1780.

Dear Genl.:

I was honor'd with yours of 18th last Evening, but the want of leisure and my Indisposition prevents me from particularly attending to it.

I am exceedingly happy to find you have Mov'd forward with the Conl. Army, as Tarleton's Legion, 71, 63, and some light Companys, were sent to destroy my Command Near Seventy Miles distance from Lord Corn Wallace, high up on the Enoree. He must therefore be in a very weak situation & easily taken the advantage of, an opportunity which you, no doubt, Sir, would wish to avail yourself of. You will discover by the Inclosed the Improbality of Colo. Tarleton's Removing without the assistance of a Number Of Waggons for that purpose. It is probable the Officer sent to is not acquainted wh. his Situation, as the Express was taken, but Should he by a Nother being sent, I have detach'd a party to entercept the Waggons, Baggage, &c. I have likewise sent a Comm to the Westwd., Ninety Six district, as I have been informed a Number of people that Way are dispos'd to take up Arms in our favour, and it will answer the good purpose of Flustrating

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the Enemy and drawing their attention that way. I am Continually watching their movements, and you may be assured, Sir, of the earliest Intelligence. My hurry & distress I am In, wh. my wound will, I hope, sufficiently Appologise for my being Laconick. I am without Medicines or necessarys of any kind, & feel the want of them much.

I am, Dr. Genl., Wh. Respect,
Yr. Mo. Obt. Servt.,