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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of a Continental Army Council of War
United States. Continental Army. Council of War (Gates)
November 25, 1780
Volume 14, Page 755


(No date) 1780.


The Want of provisions & Forage in This Camp, The advanced Season of the Year, The Almost Total Failure of The Herbage, The Intire Want of a Magazine of Salted Meat, & the uncertainty of procuring it; The increasing Sickness, and the unwholesome Situation of The Camp; The Want of any proper Accommodations for the Sick; The Want of Hospital Stores and proper Comforts, so necessary for Sick & Diseased Soldiers; The probability of a Reinforcement being Sent to The Enemy from New York; The Invasion of Virginia, and The apparent prospect of Sir Harry Clinton's Supporting that Invasion & Commanding a Co-operation with Lord Cornwallis; The State and Strength of This Army, Compared with That of The Enemy, & The Expectancy of Reinforcements coming to our Army, are the Motives which Induced Them to Assemble This Council of War, and to request their Opinion of The Movements & The possition The Army ought to Take in the present Circumstances. The Council having Fully deliberated upon the Matter before Them, And the Question being put, what position The Troops ought to take, whether at or Near Charlotte, or at the Waxhaws or in that Neighbourhood, The Junior Member, Lt. Col. Washington, gave it as his Opinion that at or Near Charlotte should be the present position for the Army, to which every other Member of The Council assented.