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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Browne to Horatio Gates
Browne, James
November 25, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 756-757

-------------------- page 756 --------------------

November 25th, 1780.

Dr. General:

I recd. your favor dated at Salisbury, also a Letter from Doct. Pendell, written by your Direction, relative to the Removal of the Stores, and a Majority of the Surgeons from this to Salisbury, to establish an Hospital there. Doct. Read would have been with you e'er this had We have gotten the Stores expected from Newburn yesterday. The Waggons arrived, with 55 Gallons of Wine, 9 Pounds of Tea and some Barley. Two Barrels of Sugar were delivered to Mr. Mumford, the young Gentleman Mr. Mallett sent down to transact his Business upon the Order of the Board of War and mine; notwithstanding this, the Waggon furnished me by Major Mazaret returned with 55 Gallons of Wine only, and a Bale of dry Goods for the Army. Mr. Blount managed Matters so as to leave the Sugar and send up private Expressly by Mr. Tullochs. I leave you to consider upon this Mr. Mumford retd. from New burn before the Waggon was loaded. I wrote you a Resignation some time since; the Reasons which induced me to this Step were that I was left out in the new Arrangement; conceiving also that if you were superseded there might be Difficulties attending my Resignation to your successor; but, my dear Sir, if you continue in the command I will remain in the Department a Volunteer Physician, or Surgeon, if Congress think me unworthy a Continuation of their favors. I meant to have left this last Wednesday for Halifax to purchase some Articles for the Hospital much wanted, and also to Transact some private Business of my own, but bad broken Skin has prevented me.

Pray write me your Opinion. I shall be happy to be directed by you if I continue in the Service. Must beg your Permission to spend a few Weeks with our good friend, Major Butler, at Wilmington this Winter; but you must be sensible there is no Dependence to be placed in your Commissarys procuring Supplies for the Hospitals; a Purveyor should be appointed; Dr. Johnston or Wilson I think the proper Persons. I mean to avoid even the

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Temptation to speculate. The Order you gave me here on the Paymaster previous to yr. leaving Hillsborough I conceived to be for Continental Money. The Paymaster informed me he had your Instructions to pay me in State Currency. I recd. only ten Thousand Dollars upon it; should be happy for an Order for thirty thousand Continental Dollars, as I wish to settle my Acct. and pay off the Gentlemen of the Hospitals before I quit the Service. It would be too great an Imposition to pay them off at a Depreciation of 300 for one. I beg leave to recommend Dr. Reed to your Attention and Regard. He was appointed by Dr. Oliphant, a Surgeon, and confirmed by one in the Appointment, but Congress have set us all a float. He has much Merit, and his Abilities and Attention to Business demand the public attention.

I have the Honor to be,
With the highest Regard & Esteem
Yr. Sincere friend & Servt.