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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from William Lee Davidson to Alexander Martin
Davidson, William Lee, 1746-1781
November 27, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 759-760


November 27th, 1780.


By this time you may be acquainted with the position the Army is to take for the present. In the meantime it appears to me that a proper Exertion of the Militia of my District might greatly Injure, if not totally Ruin, the British Army. I have been deliberating on this Matter some time, and submit my plan to your Consideration, and hope that you will endeavour to promote it or something that may be more Eligible. My Scheme is to send Genl. Morgan to the Westward with his Light Troops & Rifle Men, 1,000 volunteer Militia, which I can raise in 20 Days, & the Refugees from South Carolina and Georgia to join, which will make a formidable Body of Desperadoes, the whole to be under Morgan's Direction, and proceed immediately to 96 and possess ourselves of the western parts of South Carolina; at the same time the main Army to move down to the Waxsaws, which will oblige the Enemy to divide (which will put them quite in our power) or vacate the present Posts & collect to one point, in which Case we can command the country, cut off their supplies, and force them to retreat & fight the Militia in their own way. The Messenger waits; I have neither time nor Room to make farther

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observations. I think the scheme practicable and certain of Success unless the Enemy be reinforced. Favour me with your Opinion on this Matter, and believe me, Dr. Sir,

Your very Obdt. & Hbl. Servt.,

N. B. This comes to you in a private Capacity.