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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Daniel Morgan to Horatio Gates
Morgan, Daniel, 1736-1802
November 27, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 762-763


Camp New Providence,
November 27th, 1780.


General Smallwood just Recd. the enclosed letter, from an Inhabitant of the Waxhaws, by Mr Davie. I spoke to the Genl. to Let me go down with a party to bring off the corn & pork mention'd. He says he is ordered to come to morrow with the remaining part of the Troops & bagage, which will take near all the Waggons, so that it would be out of his power, unless you would dispence with the orders you have given him, and let him remain on this ground to cover me, while on that duty. I have presumed to write you on this occasion, as I think that quantity of provision worth notice. Your answer to this This evening will much oblige us, as we have not a morsel of Forage for our horses.

Mr. Davie saw a man in whome he could rely who told him he saw Lord Cornwallis on their march; that is, he saw the bagage moveing, but dare not stay to see whether to Charles Town or

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towards Camden, as they had not got to the forks of the road. This happened Last Friday.

I am, with esteem,
Your obedt. servt.,
Major Genl. Gates.

1 The Express from Colo. Tarleton's to Major____was neglected. It is therefore sent Express____


1 This was on a slip of paper with end cut off.