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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Francis Locke to Jethro Sumner [Extract]
Locke, Francis, 1722-1796
September 23, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 774-775


September 23rd, 1780.

“I have ordered all the militia in Rowan to join me at Sherril's ford, where I was ordered by Brig. Gen. Davidson to take post and send him all the intelligence I could of the strength and movements of the enemy. I have not in camp more than sixty

-------------------- page 775 --------------------
men, and from the first accounts of the enemy they are 800, and some say 1,500, strong, lying at Burke Court House and Greenlefe's. Lead we are in want of; Col. Armstrong was to have sent on a quantity. If you have any part of your army you could spare to our assistance, I think we could drive the enemy out of our State. I have not any expectation of being much stronger, as the torries are committing robberies in all parts of our county.”

(Col. Locke was killed on September 25th, two days after writing this letter. It was probably his last letter.)