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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Minutes of a Continental Army Council of War
United States. Continental Army. Council of War (Lincoln)
April 16, 1780
Volume 14, Page 801

[Letters of Genls. Lee, Lincoln & Moultrie. 158, p. 431.]

Chas. Town April 16, 1780.

At a Council of Genl. Officers held this day.


Major Genl. Lincoln,

Brigadiers Moultrie, McIntosh, Woodford, Scott, and Hogun.

Genl. Lincoln laid before the Council the information he had received respecting the enemy's force at Wappetaw; that they amounted to about five hundred Infantry and two hundred and fifty Horse; and also informed them of the strength of the Garrison, and requested their opinion whether it be advisable, in conjunction with what men can be drawn from Fort Moultrie and the Militia at Lempriere's, to detach a number of men sufficient to attack the enemy in force. The council were unanimously of opinion that a force ought not to be detached from this Town for the purpose aforesaid.



[Endorsed] Council of War, April 16, 1780. No. 18.