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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Abner Nash to Samuel Huntington
Nash, Abner, ca. 1740-1786
April 24, 1780
Volume 14, Page 802

-------------------- page 802 --------------------
[North Carolina State Papers, Vol. 72, p. 73].

Newbern, April 24, 1780.


Inclosed your Excellency will receive some extracts of intelligence and copies of Letters from South Carolina directed to the late worthy Governor of the State, whom I have the Honor to succeed. Your Excellency will perceive by these Letters the distress'd condition of Chas. Town, and the necessity there is of affording that Country a further aid. The Genl. Assembly of this State is now sitting, and are determined to make every effort in their power. At the same time, Sir, they have requested that I should write to your Excellency and urge in the strongest terms the absolute necessity of a further aid from the Regular Army. Your Excellency will see by the inclosed Letters how critically situated our affairs are at the Southward. The Blockade of the Town, we have reason to fear, is effected by the post the Enemy have taken on the north side of Cooper River, nearly opposite to the town. There is a necessity that this force of theirs should be removed, that supplies may be sent into the town, and that the Garrison may have a retreat open in case the destruction and loss of the place should become inevitable.

I have the Honor to be,
With the highest respect, Sir,
Your Excellency't most obt. Servant,
His Excellency, the Prest. of Congress.

(Endorsed) Letter from Govr. Nash, North Carolina, April 24, 1780. Read May 9. Referred to board of war.