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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Proposal by Henry Clinton and Marriott Arbuthnot concerning the articles of capitulation of Charleston, South Carolina
Clinton, Henry, Sir, 1738?-1795; Arbuthnot, Marriott, 1711?-1794
May 09, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 809-810

-------------------- page 809 --------------------

May 9th, 1780.

Art. 1. All acts of hostility & work shall cease until the articles of Capitulation are finally agreed to or rejected.

2. The Town & fortifications, with the Shipping at the wharves, artillery and all public Stores whatsoever, shall be surrendered in their present state to the Commander of the investing force; proper officers shall attend from the respective departments to receive them.

3. Granted.

4. The Militia now in Garrison shall be permitted to return to their respective Homes as Prisoners upon Parole, which parole, so long as they observe, shall secure them from being molested in their property by the British Troops.

5. Granted.

6. Granted, except with respect to their horses, which will not be allowed to go out of town, but may be disposed of by a Person left for that purpose from each Corps.

7. The whole Garrison shall, at an hour to be appointed, march out of the town to the ground between the works of the place and the Canal, where they will deposit their arms, & the drums are not to beat a British March or Colours to be uncased.

8. Agreed, with this restriction, that he is to consider himself as a prisoner on parole.

9. All civil Officers and the Citizens who have borne arms during the siege must be Prisoners on Parole, and, with respect to their property in the City, shall have the same terms as are granted to the Militia; and all other persons now in the town, not described in this or other article, are notwithstanding understood to be Prisoners on Parole.

10. The Discussion of this article cannot, of course, possibly be entered into at present.

11. The Subjects of France & Spain shall have the same terms as are granted to the French Consul.

12. Granted, and a proper vessel with a Flag will be provided for that purpose.

-------------------- page 810 --------------------

All Public papers and Records must be carefully preserved & faithfully delivered to such persons as shall be appointed to receive them.