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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
List of supplies needed for the defense of South Carolina
Craike, Thomas
May 10, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 811-812


Newburn, May 10, 1780.

A Return of the Waggons necessary for the Commanding officer, the Staff officers, & Ammunition, (inclusive of those for the line,) Marquees, Tents, Arms, Accoutrements, &c., &c. for equipping 4,000 Men, voted for the Aid of So. Carolina, under the Command of Major General Caswell.

2 Waggons for the Commanding officer.
20 Do. for the Staff officers & Ammunition.
6 Marquees for the Commanding Officers & for the Staff officers.
8 Do. for the Field officers.
80 Horsemen Tents for the Captains & Subalterns.
670 Soldiers' Tents.
80 Bell Tents.
4,000 Muskets & Bayonets.
4,000 Cartouch Boxes & Bayonet Belts.
4,000 Havre Locks.
4,000 Wooden Canteens.
670 Axes.
670 Camp Kettles.
105 Horsemen's Swords.
210 Do. Pistols.
105 Do. Saddles with Pads, Bridles & Halters.
105 Do. Boots & Spurs.
105 Cartridge Boxes.
105 Caps.
6 Field Pieces, with their Carriages & Ammunition boxes, compleat.
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6 Sponges & Rammers, 6 Worms & Ladles.
12 Artillery Men Belts, With Hammers, Prickers, spikes, &c.
6 Powder Horns.
20,000 Musquet Cartridges.
6,000 Pistol Cartridges. &c.
3,000 Fixed Ammunition for Field pieces.
3,000 Shott Ammunition for Do.
1,000 Tin tubes Ammunition for Do.
4,000 of Musquet Powder.
4,000 of Cannon Do.
16,000 Musquet Flints.
2,800 Pistol Do.
20 Rheam of Musquet Cartridge paper.
5 Do. of Cannon Do.
12,000 lbs of lead.
Bullet molds for Musquetry of different sizes.
Do. for Buck Shott.
Entrenching Tools of all kinds.
Carpenters' Tools that are necessary.
Smiths' Do. Do.
Barr Iron.
Sheet Do.
Canvass, Twine, Sail, Needles.
Old Junk for Wadding.
Sheep Skins for Sponges, Do. Drest for Drum heads.
Drum lines, &c., &c.
Old Junk for Wadding.

Many necessaries that will be wanting for this Aid are not particularized here, as I have not time to recollect them.